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YOUR TUESDAY TIP – 8 Foundational Attributes of Engagement

March 28, 2017

A question we frequently get from our clients, is,“How do I get my employees to be more engaged in the business?” Leaders are searching for that magical recipe that will increase engagement and ultimately impact business results. Competitive Solutions, Inc. has identified the Eight Foundational Attributes of Engagement that must be understood, practiced and measured […]

YOUR TUESDAY TIP – 9 Questions to End Your Meeting Misery – A Meeting Audit

March 21, 2017

With more than twenty-five years of working with organizations around the world, we have identified a group of distinctive meeting personalities called the “Wasteful 8.” These attendees undermine meeting success, waste everyone’s time, and can lead to negatively impacting organizational engagement. Our goal is to give you and your team basic tips that will improve […]

Business Bootcamp – May 17th & 18th, Atlanta, GA

March 14, 2017

Business Bootcamp – May 17th & 18th, Atlanta, GA How do you build a high performing culture that collectively and consistently moves the business? Give your leaders the skills to create and sustain a culture of accountability and engagement. This Business Bootcamp delivers both how to create a true business management system and the skills […]


March 7, 2017

Do you have an employee in your organization that uses the oxygen supply in the meeting room at a rate disproportionate to their contribution to the meeting? They never listen to anyone else, except in order to determine when it is next their turn to speak. This is a very critical thing for an Oxygen […]

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