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Where Executive Sponsorship Fails

September 22, 2017

Where Executive Sponsorship Fails From a simple two hour team building seminar to an enterprise wide LEAN transformation, one cannot underestimate both the power and peril of effective Executive Sponsorship.  Sadly, too often Executive Sponsorship begins and ends with a signature on a purchase order and an email endorsement. The following elements represent both the power […]

What Top Business Books on Organizational Transformation Aren’t Telling You

September 18, 2017

 Why Your Business Books Are Failing You We tend to over-complicate things in business, and when it comes to defining what successful business transformation looks like, we really, really, over-complicate it. Much of what constitutes organizational success comes down to common sense, but unfortunately, it’s not always common practice. All the books will tell you a long-winded version of […]

Click Here for Executive Business Bootcamp & Plant Tour Information

September 18, 2017

Executive Business Bootcamp & Plant Tour Information A 1.5-day immersive experience. Participate in an executive leadership forum to learn how to drive employee engagement, redefine organizational accountability, and deliver bottom-line business results. Includes a site tour to see how one company created a sustainable culture of business focus & accountability in less than a year. presented by Shane Yount, Principal of Competitive Solutions, […]

Here’s Why 70% of Business Transformations Fail

September 14, 2017

Here’s Why 70% of Business Transformations Fail Transformation shouldn’t be that complicated. Like Blocking and Tackling in football the key is the basics, If you’re looking for sustainable business success, it can be as simple as focusing on these 3 key things: Measure, Act, Communicate: Getting the Right Metrics at the Right Levels Too often […]

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