Driving Accountability Across Industries

Click Here for Executive Business Bootcamp & Plant Tour Information

September 27, 2017

Executive Business Bootcamp & Plant Tour Information A 1.5-day immersive experience. Participate in an executive leadership forum to learn how to drive employee engagement, redefine organizational accountability, and deliver bottom-line business results. Includes a site tour to see how one company created a sustainable culture of business focus & accountability in less than a year. presented by Shane Yount, Principal of Competitive Solutions, […]

8 Leadership Attributes of a Highly Engaged Workforce [Series]

September 25, 2017

Eight Foundational Leadership Attributes of Engagement  PART 4 The Engagement Attributes of (7) Passionate Self-Motivation and (8) Positive Affirmation Think of a person at your work or in your life that exudes positive energy.  When they walk in a room, the energy changes and people naturally want to follow them.  They drive engagement through virtue versus by […]

Why to Attend a Workshop (Infographic)

September 25, 2017

Are you interested in attending a professional workshop? Join us this Nov. 7-8 for our upcoming Executive Business Bootcamp and Plant Tour to understand and visualize what successful business transformation looks like.   Click Here For More Information on This Opportunity 

4 Reasons to Audit Your Scorecard

September 25, 2017

4 Reasons to Audit Your Scorecard Your financial measures are audited regularly to ensure that they are accurate and meet professional standards; there are even better reasons to audit the rest of your performance scorecard. Perhaps you have strong performance measures in your organization and use a Balanced Scorecard, or something similar, to review and […]

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