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Get key business insights faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Enjoy easy-to-navigate features that are just one click away, present your metric data in easy-to-read visualizations and access your analytics anytime, anywhere. Reduce the time it takes to understand how your business is changing and avoid system management headaches. PBL Scorecard® is the secure, hosted or onsite, full-featured software solution. With PBL Scorecard® OnDemand, there’s no server software to purchase, install, provision, or upgrade. We take care of that for you. Your analytics will be up and running faster than you can imagine. All you have to do is find the value hiding in your data. Whether you are seeking to manage metrics for your project team department, division or company there’s a PBL Scorecard® solution for you. Start small and scale up as you need.

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Executive Dashboards

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Dashboards – Insight that is in Sight

It is time to see the whole picture. With the PBL Scorecard® software, management has access to quick and visual data by company metrics being discernable and transparent with organized analytics and quick at-a-glance views of performance. Each scorecard is connected directly with the overall mission of the business through customized focus areas, providing you with a complete representation of your organization and measuring team function.

Actions Register – Driving Accountability through Action

Engaged employees take ownership of their actions. Our performance measurement data makes what needs to change visual, tracked on a team and individual level, therefore encouraging accountability in all sectors. By connecting the data and linking actions from metrics directly to corrective actions, we can generate changes that will improve your business through ownership of responsibility and lead to a positive shift in workplace culture.

Cascading Scorecards – All Level Performance

By connecting strategy with tactics, users are able to manage performance in all departments of the business. PBL Scorecard® provides visible and transparent information that facilitates discussion and correctable action. Drive improvements in strategic areas with quick, visual metrics that leave no question about your team’s operations. When every level of your business is able to be seen, your organization is ready to move in the right direction.

Team Meetings – Keeping Everyone on Track

Don’t just have a meeting. Have an effective meeting. Make sure your team is informed of progress by centralizing communications, linking to your business data, and assigning actions. Make smarter and faster decisions as a team, and save time through having organized and easily accessible information on hand. By establishing a common business language and connection with all work groups, teams are able to focus and achieve the organization’s goals.

Analytics – Nothing but the Facts

Are your team’s actions influencing metric performance the way you expected? Just because you need to make a fast decision, doesn’t mean it should be uninformed. Gain invaluable insight into the workings of your business by reviewing the detailed information you need to make important choices. With an established schedule for reviewing analytics, leaders can direct their efforts in a focused and timely fashion.

Visual Trending – What the Future Holds

PBL Scorecard’s visual trending displays historical data and assists in predicting future outcomes. With failing metric functions displayed as “red” and satisfactory actions displayed as “green,” leaders can quickly identify how their organization is performing, giving employees focus for the future in the right areas. By having insight into past metrics, team leaders can make more informed decisions moving forward.

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PBL Scorecard® OnDemand
Hosted BI for Organizations

Why worry about hardware or keeping current with software updates? PBL Scorecard® OnDemand lets you focus on what is most important, the data.

  • No hardware investment.
  • Control Access to the Data.
  • Access your data anywhere and anytime.
Business Office


PBL Scorecard® OnSite
BI for Organizations

With PBL Scorecard® OnSite, you have complete control. Continue to protect your data within the firewalls of your organization, yet let your organization enjoy the benefits of a web-based platform.

  • Easy to deploy, scale, and monitor.
  • Gets insights securely.
  • Engage and empower the organization.

Are you ready to take action?

Isn’t it time to bring focus to your operations, create a culture of accountability, and identify what works and what needs improvement? PBL Scorecard® is simple, secure, easy-to-navigate, web-based, and offers a full picture of your business. Our software is turnkey and up-and-running within a few days. At Competitive Solutions, we specialize in developing connectivity, consistency, and communication for everyone on all levels with software that makes your business successful.