On Demand

PBL ScoreCard® OnDemand

Managing business performance in the cloud.

No hardware investment

Focus on finding the value hidden in
your data. With no server software to purchase, install, maintain, or upgrade you can get started in as little as 48hrs.

Skip the setup time

With our turnkey approach, your organization doesn’t have to spend precious man hours creating scorecards and dashboards. Let us give you a head start so you find value immediately.

Get the results you are seeking

For a business of any size, get key business insights faster, easier and more cost effective than ever before with PBL Dashboard.

Control access to the information

Let us worry about keeping your information secure so you can focus on your business performance. Only authorized users can view or interact with your information.

Find the opportunities from anywhere

Don’t wait for that monthly report or access to an excel document locked by another user. With access from anywhere and at any time, you can make faster decisions.