On Site

PBL Dashboard OnSite

Access interactive insight from anywhere

Delight IT

Let your IT organization manage the platform and protect the data inside your company firewalls. With our easy to deploy, scale, and monitor solution, you take full control.

Skip the setup time

With our turnkey approach, your organization doesn’t have to spend precious man hours creating scorecards and dashboards. Let us give you a head start so you find value immediately.

Get insights securely

Using any browser, users can securely access information, and explore the data. With drill-down features, users can dive as deep as necessary to get the insights they are looking for.

Engage and empower the organization

Connect and engage your staff. When people across the organization can see and understand their own data, they solve problems and discover opportunities.

Drive your business forward

With secure access to information, your whole organization can track performance, take action and drive results.