8 Leadership Attributes of a Highly Engaged Workforce [Series]

Eight Foundational Leadership Attributes of Engagement 


To place a framework around the key behaviors required to generate the output of increased engagement, CSI has identified the Eight Foundational Attributes of Engagement.  These attributes must be understood, practiced, and measured to elevate engagement within a team or organization.  These attributes support the foundation that is the overall Leadership GPS Model and move leaders to “transformational” thinking around the goals, people, and systems required to ensure long term success.  Highly engaged employees are described as having “it”; it is as if they have somehow found the secret magical recipe to inspire and influence others.  They are described as having presence in the way that they incorporate the behaviors defined under each attribute into the work environment in a natural, “the way we work around here way”.  The impact can become cultural when an organization works toward shifting the paradigm and provides the support, training, and coaching needed for this transformation. 

What are these Eight Leadership Attributes of a Highly Engaged Workforce? 

The Engagement Attributes of (1) Business Acumen and (2) Altruistic Decision Making

Think back to the first time you were empowered to make a business decision.  What was the situation?  Did you feel prepared?  Did you receive praise and reinforcement for your decision that inspired you to engage more, critical feedback on your decision that moved you to silence, or a thoughtful review of the positive and consequential impacts of your decision that educated you and encouraged you to think differently next time?  As leaders, one of our biggest responsibilities is developing our people and their knowledge of the business from both a micro and macro perspective so that they are able to evaluate risks and opportunities and make decisions quickly that are organizationally focused. Elevating Engagement goes hand in hand with being intentional about educating employees on the competition, the drivers of business success, and how the way.

Join us for our 4 part series as we unveil and unpack each of the 8 leadership attributes. 

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