About Us

Delivering Clear and Consistent Direction
to Each Organization We Work With.

A Balance of Growth and Sustainability

With over twenty-five years of experience transforming businesses through effective leadership training, Competitive Solutions, Inc. is giving organizations the power to make decisions that are fact-driven and company-directed. We are providing meaningful ways to collect data that leads to the creation of a responsible business culture. We believe that by bringing transparency, unity, and stability to each company we work with, we help our clients drive success throughout their organizations.

Our History of Success

  • 1991 | Competitive Solutions, Inc (CSI) is incorporated and begins working with its first company!
  • 1993 | CSI publishes its first business book, "High Performance Teams - Been There Done That!"
  • 1994 | CSI releases its Foundation Series Team Performance training program
  • 1994 | CSI holds its first Business Leadership Roundtable in Amelia Island, FL
  • 1996 | CSI is chosen by Harley-Davidson to set up the operating structure for its new Greenfield plant in Kansas City
  • 1997 | CSI publishes "Confessions of an UnManager - How Managing Less and Emloyee Teams Saved our Company"
  • 1997 | CSI becomes GSA certified and starts working with the Department of Defense
  • 1998 | CSI's client Amelia Island Plantation wins the Florida Sterling Award for Excellence
  • 1999 | CSI releases its new Leadership Module Series
  • 2003 | CSI creates its highly successful Process Based Leadership Training Program
  • 2004 | CSI releases PBL Scorecard v 1.0
  • 2004 | CSI publishes its 3rd business novel, "Buried Alive! Digging Out of a Management Dumpster"
  • 2006 | Rock Island Arsenal is First Army Command to win the Gold Shingo Award. Attributes success to CSI
  • 2007 | CSI publishes fourth book, "Leaving Your Leadership Legacy - Creating a Timeless and Enduring Culture of Clarity, Connectivity and Consistency"
  • 2008 | PBL Scorecard announces v 2.0 at its User Conference 
  • 2010 | CSI releases Leadership GPS - Coaching Curriculum
  • 2011 | Manatee County Tax Collector wins Florida Sterling Award using CSI's Process Based Leadership and PBL Scorecard
  • 2011 | Letterkenny Army Depot recognizes CSI as Outstanding Corporate Supplier of the Year
  • 2013 | CSI releases its fifth book, "Leading Your Business Forward - Aligning Goals, People, Systems for Sustainable Success"
  • 2013 | PBL Scorecard v 3.0 released with a new interface designed specifically by the user community
  • 2014 | CSI releases its new Operational Excellence program - Gears of Excellence
  • 2015 | CSI releases PBL Scorecard v 3.1 with a new dashboard interface
  • 2016 | CSI celebrates 25 years of excellence!
  • 2018 | CSI holds the Process Based Leadership Forum and Users Conference in Isle of Palms, SC
  • 2018 | CSI launches Visuant Business Process Software v 4.0 to replace PBL Scorecard
  • 2019 | CSI University opens to offer live virtual training to Visuant users
  • 2020 | CSI Webinar Hub launches with a library of On-Demand Webinars
  • More success stories to come...