BURIED ALIVE! Digging out of a Management Dumpster

RALEIGH, N.C. — Let’s get real. All of the touchy-feely leadership stuff of the last decade has not really served you nor many others in management very well. Now that downsizing has taken its toll, reality is setting in. Fortunately, you lived through downsizing, but now that downsizing is hopefully over, and you’re one of the survivors, you’re expected to do more with less. It’s called productivity, and while there’s no doubt increased productivity will beat the competition, touchy-feeling is definitely not the way to get it.

This book will make the goal of increased productivity possible. Yet it in no way suggests returning to the old dictatorial style of management. It’s all about process based leadership. Process based leadership makes sure you don’t subconsciously play favorites. Process based leadership insures that everyone accepts accountability, and that each person on your team pulls his or her own weight. Because empowered team leaders like you can end up doing all the team’s work if you don’t have a process like this one in place.

Buried Alive! explains a new management system the authors call process based leadership (PBL), which relies on non-negotiable processes to drive focus, urgency and accountability throughout an organization. These non-negotiable processes lead empowered team leaders out of their personal “management dumpsters” and provide them with tangible and auditable systems to insure ongoing business success.

Establishing non-negotiables is step number one. Once these clear ground rules are laid, a leader can build the steps needed to climb out of the dumpster. The first step is communication, which must be face to face. People need to know what’s going on and putting it in an e-mail or memo simply won’t do. Next is an auditable business focus process using “business scorecards.” These scorecards create urgency, focus and accountability among team members because they are reviewed monthly. The third step is to get everyone to accept accountability. Managers often are at a loss to find a way to do this. But with PBL, it’s part of the process. What we called “action registers” are used that go into a team workbook. These record decisions made, who is to take action, and when the action is to be completed. They have the effect of lighting a fire under folks. Fifth is to establish and elevate everyone’s expectations. Leaders must tell their empowered team what’s expected of them. The team needs to say what they expect of the leader, and of one another. These expectations must be brought out into the open and written down. They become the team’s ground rules.

Process based leadership as revealed in this book is a proven system already at work in a number of very successful organizations. Harley-Davidson, Michelin, Boeing, General Mills, O’Hare Airport, and the Department of Defense are just a few. So why wait? Order a copy today and start your climb out of that management dumpster.

BURIED ALIVE! Digging out of a Management Dumpster is available from Oaklea Press (www.oakleapress.com) or from the CSI website at https://www.csipbl.com.Co-authors:  Shane Yount, Anna Ver Steeg, Debra Boggan, John Pyecha, and Linda Segall



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