Front Line Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Leadership is not a position,
it is a skill set that must be developed and practiced.

What is Front Line Leadership?

For so long organizations have viewed frontline managers as doers. They execute against the tasks assigned from senior leaders and report on operational results. If there’s a problem, they identify the issue and escalate it. On the contrary, an organization’s flexibility to change and productivity can be greatly increased by enabling your frontline managers to become frontline leaders. A frontline leader makes decisions, develops policies, uses their judgment and discretion and oversees implementation of improvements.

What are the key competency gaps in front-line leaders today?

The ability to

• effectively lead people
• inspire commitment within the workforce
• manage change
• mentor and develop employees
• confront staff, peers, managers
and others in a productive manner

What can you do to help your front-line leaders?

It is the role of a leader to create a climate that is reflective of the vision, mission and values of the organization. The CSI Front Line Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors program helps each leader within your organization understand their own management and leadership style, and then builds on their results to develop their leadership portfolio. In the end, each leader will have learned, documented and practiced processes to create and maintain a positive work environment. Areas covered include:

Influences on
Leadership Styles
Ethical Leadership
Creating and Maintaining a
Productive Work Environment
Leadership Presence
Leadership Processes Applied

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