Leadership GPS / Coaching

Leadership GPS® / Coaching

Individual transformation, one leader at a time…

What is Leadership GPS?

To ensure long-term sustainment of each leader’s specific evolution and adoption of new behaviors, CSI coaches shadow each participant, provide real-time constructive feedback, and develop monthly recommendations that are customized to the individual’s goals.

Leadership GPS combines classroom training, one-on-one coaching and cutting edge feedback techniques, all of which is customized to your organization’s specific needs.

5 Fundamental Questions for Leaders

  1. What are the programs at work within my organization that form our leadership system?
  2. What is it that each of them are meant to achieve?
  3. What does an engaged workforce look like?
  4. What are the business results that we are trying to achieve with the various programs?
  5. Will developing, communicating, and deploying these programs within the context of a truly interconnected system lessen the confusion and increase their effectiveness?

How can I help my leaders navigate this challenging environment?

Competitive Solutions, Inc.® Leadership GPS® program is designed to leverage specific
fundamentals that drive the evolution and development of successful leaders.

Are all your leaders focusing on similar priorities?

How engaged are your leaders?

Do you have structured and customized leadership development
in place throughout all levels of the organization?

Are Your Leaders Lost without Their GPS?

If your leaders are like many others today, they may feel overwhelmed in their role and begin asking,

“How am I supposed to motivate people to drive focus, urgency and accountability when I am overwhelmed with my own responsibilities?”

If your leaders feel this way more days than not, then they probably feel as if they have been abandoned, lost and unable to acquire a signal on their GPS and get themselves back on track.

They are unclear about where to go and how to get there. Without a clear leadership guidance system, they are essentially lost and unable to navigate through the challenges and detours that are a natural part of achieving goals through engaged people.

Identifying team issues and boundaries

Reinforcing policy and expectations

Leading multi-generational teams

Inspiring and motivating a business team

Promoting positive change, parts 1 and 2

The power of recognition and appreciation

Coaching for success

The scorecard huddle-driving ideas,
suggestions and accountability

Managing employee development

Transforming the business through cultural

Dealing with challenging situations,
individuals, and conflict


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