Meeting Misery: Meeting Makeover Edition

55 Million Meetings a day? $37 Billion wasted in meetings each year? Whatever the amount, our 25 years of experience confirms meetings are probably the biggest opportunity for improvement in many organizations. If you are looking for a 25% increase in productivity start here!

Businesses need Effective Meetings, but most meetings are a waste of time. These people are costing you time and money! Get them out of your meetings today! Each week we will reveal a person that adds to your meeting misery.

Finale: End YOUR Meeting Misery

The Tourist

The Historian

Mr. No Data

Mr. I Got It

Mrs. Grapevine

Oxygen Thief

Negative Nancy

The Rambler

Things that create meeting misery:

The amount of time wasted in meetings is well documented but organizations do little to improve meetings or eliminate non value added meetings.

Competitive Solutions, Inc. can transform your meetings into crisp business focused communication vehicles that become a key component of running your business.

Successful leaders should spend no more than 6 hours a week in meetings.  A whopping 54% reduction in the 13.4 hours we see in most organizations.  Our survey results also indicate participants rate more than half the time spent in meetings as inefficient.

Meetings have become a parasite that suck the profit out of companies and the time and energy out of our employees.

Boost your productivity by 25%!

STOP complaining about wasting time in unproductive meetings.

START having action driven, outcome focused meetings that move the business forward.

CSI’s simple three step Meeting Makeover Solution (Discover, Design, Deploy) can be completed in as little as two days. This solution can be applied to a single team, a specific department or your entire organization.

Completely makeover your meetings plus double your return on investment in 1 month!

Your Meeting Makeover Solution includes:


Eliminate non-value added meetings.


Define and Execute Your Meeting Strategies.


Develop standard processes for effective meetings.


Build an accountability process to track meeting outcomes.

For more information on starting your Meeting Makeover Solution, complete the form below.

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