Getting to Know Generation Z: Understands that Systems are Broken


Getting to Know Generation Z [Series]

Part 9: Understands that Systems are Broken

It has been said, that Generation Z understands that systems are broken.  In their lifetime, they have watched the collapse and fall of financial systems, political systems, and community systems.  Regardless of the location of and scale of the fall, this generation more than any other, has seen the result of what those that came before them once thought was secure.  They understand that interdependency does not guarantee safety, but that it leads toward more complexity and at times risk.  

Will Generation Z drive more localization and less interdependency, or will they be the “fixer’s” of our complex systems in our globalized world?  Will they truly be the generation that resists becoming a part of the problems in our broken systems?  Will they drive the next big paradigm shift? 

As a challenge, the next time one of your newest contributors to the workforce brings up an idea, or presents a problem, take a minute to engage with them and truly understand their perspective. Encourage their ideas and enthusiasm toward implementing simple solutions.  Remember, it is through small change that big change happens. 

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