OpEx: Creating a Cultural Transformation

Operational Excellence: Cultural Transformation

Do you have an empowered, engaged, and passionate workforce collectively working toward common goals throughout the entire organization?

A cultural transformation exists when a foundation and platform for continuous improvement has been successfully introduced within an organization. This begins with the established implementation of Process Based Leadership. When the entire organization consistently operates within a “non-negotiable” Operating System that drives Connectivity, Clarity, and Consistency, then OpEx tools can be introduced. In addition, the organization can assimilate to a common strategic plan to World Class. This is the alignment of values, vision, and progressive milestones to optimize business results.

One of the ways to get employees in the right frame of mind is to introduce the acronym “DOWNTIME.” This acronym represents the eight most common sources of waste that we typically see in organizations and is a simple way to engage everyone in what to look for in the form of non-value-added activities.

Defects – Process outputs that do not function properly and do not meet accepted standards or expectations

Over Production – Producing anything sooner, faster or in greater quantities than the customer demands

Waiting – Unnecessary stoppage or delays in machines, people or processes

Non-utilized Human Potential – Not taking advantage of people’s experience powers of observation and learning capacity to reduce waste in an organization

Transportation – Excessive movement of materials, products, information, or people, “externalized” to the process

Inventory – Excess raw material, component, WIP, or finishe goods over and above that which is necessary

Motion – Excessive movement of materials, products, information of people “internalized” to a process

Excess Processing – Over-processing or additional steps beyond the standard required by the customer

Additionally, one of the initial tools to consider would be the implementation of 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) for workplace organization and structure. 5S creates discipline, habit, and structure required to achieve sustainable results. This is an easy way for an organization to start identifying and eliminating waste and creating efficient and effective operations through the efforts of the employees who are closest to the work.

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