Achieve Operational Excellence through Process Based Leadership®

operational excellence

Achieve Operational Excellence through Process Based Leadership®

“Create the Conditions for Engagement” 

Right out of the gate, I would like to pose a few questions for you to internalize and think through in regards to Operational Excellence.

  1. Do you have a SUSTAINABLE way of driving Performance throughout your ENTIRE Team/Organization? Is there Strategic Alignment and sense of Mutual Purpose? 
  1. Are there opportunities to move from a position of Defense to Offense? Have you transitioned from “Firefighting” Mode? 
  1. Is there a high level of Engagement? Are people held Accountable? 
  1. Are you being intentional and transparent with Communication, especially during these challenging times with the current situation? 
  1. What are your Top Priorities? Are people working on the Right things at the Right time? 
  1. Are the right Mindsets and Behaviors being demonstrated that over time quite naturally become your Standardized “Way of Work” Operating Model?

Working through these questions objectively, the answers can provide valuable insight into where you may or may not be in your journey to Operational Excellence. It sets the stage for what opportunities exist that are holding you back. To truly understand Operational Excellence is to connect with the fact that in order to be on the path of delivering and sustaining high levels of performance, you must “Create the Conditions” to Engage All Employees across the organization. It is imperative that everyone is aligned and “in the game!” This can be especially challenging, given the current situation where you are dispersed remotely. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!!

The following illustration takes a closer look at some of the Key Elements that drive the conditions:

operational excellence


So how do we get there?

At our Firm Competitive Solutions Inc., we partner with organizations to deliver our proven Business Transformation Methodology Process Based Leadership®.”  We address the “How” that is typically left out when exploring what could be. Specifically, we promote a culture where performance is driven by Process, where everyone is truly aligned and engaged, as opposed to being dependent on a select few, which is often siloed and misaligned.

Regardless of industry or Team/Organizational dynamic, Process Based Leadership® serves as a recipe that by design will reinforce the Mindsets and Behaviors required to create a culture of Connectivity, Clarity, and Consistency, where you are routinely “Creating the Conditions.”  Additionally, we have a fully transparent software solution called Visuant that facilitates the methodology and brings it to life as a “Single Source of Truth” to drive and validate performance.

Best luck on your Journey to Operational Excellence!!

Scott Favreau, Sr. Business Process Consultant

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