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Our Job Is to Inform. Your Job Is to Transform.

Transforming your business begins with recognizing what processes need to change. Competitive Solutions, Inc., with our Process Based Leadership® model, increases accountability throughout your organization, encourages open communication, and generates a culture of trust and success through identifying internal elements that directly impact your success. This business methodology promotes consistency so that areas of excellence can be duplicated, and pinpoints problems so that mistakes are never repeated. We have over 25 years of experience categorizing areas of improvement, forming a plan for change, and providing direction.

It Is No Secret. Highly Engaged Employees Outperform Their Peers.

Many business leaders find themselves with four major problems: poor communication, a lack of performance tracking, an absence of accountability, and unacceptable behaviors in the workplace.

The Challenge

Poor Communication

If your teams can’t communicate effectively, then how will you be successful? Are the messages your teams are receiving and sending communicated successfully? How are they interpreted? Today, we have more ways of getting our message to others than ever before, but is it the right way?

The Solution

Effective Communication

The best communication is two-way with documentation and reinforcement of what the conversation entailed. Meetings need to have structure and a standardized frequency so that expectations can be met. Processes should be in place so that the passing and receiving of critical information is direct, cascading through the organization, and all teams need to look ahead to assess the next steps.

Performance Tracking and Process Based Leadership®

Our methodology brings clarity to your company’s performance and initiates positive transformation. With a Business Scorecard, team leaders have the complete roadmap of what needs to change, where they are doing well, and how their organization can make improvements every day.

The Challenge

Lack of Accountability

Accountability is not just the willingness to accept responsibility, but the motivation to do things right. Some people get away with not taking on their obligations because there is no documentation or follow up. The challenge is making accountability personal, motivating, genuine, and visible to all.

The Challenge

All Employees Hold a Level of Responsibility

Accountability is attainable if it is clearly defined, is followed up on with predetermined target dates for the completion of actions, and it is reviewed to see how things are progressing. When team leaders and employees have a meaningful connection to their actions, motivation increases, business focus grows, and performance surges.

Communication and Process Based Leadership®

CSI’s PBL system engages all teams in meetings that are business focused on targeted outcomes. Manage your time more efficiently by eliminating redundant and ineffective meetings, and spend your time driving to the task at hand.

The Challenge

The Need to Track Performance

If you know you have issues within your team, but you aren’t sure how to identify them, you have a performance tracking problem. Without data being regularly monitored and visible, who is taking responsibility for your business becomes questionable, affecting teams, individual behaviors, and customer relationships.

The Challenge

Applicable Performance Tracking

Knowing where your improvements need to be is an imperative step in increasing your success. Performance shouldn’t be a secret. It should be visible and organized so that leadership has a clear picture to take action. By identifying and reducing obstacles, you will achieve sustainable results.

Accountability and Process Based Leadership®

CSI’s effective tools bring visibility to performance and create an environment of accountability. With a heightened sense of urgency, and documentation on who is assigned the responsibility of each action, employees will have more at stake when completing tasks.

The Challenge

Unacceptable Workplace Behaviors

Actions in the workplace can affect your team, your customer, and your success. If you are not discussing, identifying, and defining expectations within the organization, your company’s values may be lost. Your teams can come across unprofessional, uncommitted, and under-performing.

The Challenge

Behavioral Expectations Are Met and Exceeded

Behavioral expectations need to be clearly defined and emphasized. There should be a transparent review and process if conduct is determined to be unpleasant. Both managers and employees can display high standards for meaningful and respectful actions within a multicultural and multi-generational workforce.

Process Based Leadership is a real-world, proven solution built to solve the common shortcomings of many organizations. When information is shared in a structured format communication and business data is available and shared, informed decisions can be made at the right level. Accountability for actions and results is prevalent throughout the organization and everyone is engaged focusing on success. The end result is an organization delivering value to its customers.

Workplace Behavior and Process Based Leadership®

If your teams are failing to meet behavioral expectations, or leaders are unmotivated to hold employees responsible for their actions, we provide a precise guidance system. Our system teaches how to correct behavior and deliver constructive feedback.

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