Webinar: Working from Home? Learn How to Run Engaging, Productive Remote Meetings

Join us for a free webinar, “Working from Home? Learn How to Run Engaging, Productive Remote Meetings”on June 17th, 2020 at 11am EST led by Seth Davies, Senior Vice President, Competitive Solutions, Inc.

The pandemic has changed the way people work and interact with others.   Employees are working from home, collaboration and communication are compromised.   Zoom or online meetings while good for checking in, are not necessarily focused on moving the business forward.  How do leaders continue to engage their employees, hold them accountable and drive better business results?

In this 30 minute webinar attendees will learn how to facilitate an effective business focused, web meeting using an online business management system.  Outcomes of the online meeting are enhanced communication, increased engagement and accountability, and ultimately driving better business results.

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4 Truths of Business Scorecards

Whether you use Microsoft Excel or a highly complex and complicated business intelligence tool, most organizations spend too much of their time gathering data, correcting out-of-date information, finding and fixing errors due to lack of audit controls and only see the data part of the equation. It is essential for a good business process management tool to be highly functional yet easy to use, quick to implement yet expandable, and allow for variations while keeping to the core values of the organization’s strategy.

Truth #1 | It’s similar to a “full body scan” for your business

A well-executed Business Process Software (BPS) tool should be able to give users a detailed look at their entire business from top to bottom. Instead of clicking through multiple tabs on a spreadsheet or drilling though five reports, BPS dashboards can aggregate data quickly and show where issues might be or where cost- savings can be found.

Truth #2 | Provide your business with a single source of the truth

Understanding how one set of data affects the other is one of the primary benefits of an effective BPS tool.

Truth #3 | Achieve data consistency and efficiency

According to several studies, 94% of spreadsheets contain errors. An effective BPS tool can produce the results in seconds, where manual work is time consuming and error prone. Why deal with hundreds of complex spreadsheets each month?

Truth #4 | Critical information shared with the right people at the right time

Reports, dashboards, and advanced visualizations can be shared via one URL – perhaps first thing in the morning, mid- day and again after closing. Instead of team members accessing file servers on a dedicated network, multiple spreadsheets or nothing at all, a BPS tool provides the ability for content distribution to mobile, tablets, and desktop PCs, regardless of operating system.

Want to learn more about business scorecards? Click here to receive our Guide to Business Scorecard Fundamentals. You can also visit our Visuant Business Performance Software page and request a free demo.

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Business Process Software That Drives Continuous Improvement

Business Process Software That Drives Continuous Improvement

Competitive Solutions, Inc Launches Visuant 4.0

Does your organization have too much data, too many systems, no accountability and limited communication? Introducing Visuant™, a Business Process Software that alleviates all these issues impacting businesses today.

Visuant™ provides visualization of metrics with corresponding action plans giving you a clear picture about the health of your business, while keeping to the business strategy of the organization. “This software will give users a wholistic view of their entire business from top to bottom,” said John Pyecha, CEO of Competitive Solutions, Inc. “Instead of clicking through multiple tabs on a spreadsheet or reading though five reports, Visuant™ dashboards aggregate data quickly and show where performance issues reside in the organization or where opportunities for improvement lie.”

Visuant™ brings focus to your operations and creates a culture of accountability. You will get key business insights faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before. “The enhanced administrator features will reduce data entry time making our job easier. We are also excited about the user tools focused on meetings, performance management, accountability and employee engagement reports. Those things are very important to us,” said Frank Hacker, Director of Manufacturing North America, Rockline Industries.

Easy-to-navigate features allow you to present your metric data in easy-to-read visualizations. This web-based platform gives you access to your analytics anytime, anywhere. Reduce the time it takes to understand how your business is changing and avoid system management headaches.

Visit our page here for more information or click here to schedule a free demo

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