Are Your Leaders Change Ready?

Whether the implementation of a strategic initiative or a reaction/response to an event at the team/individual level, change is inevitable, it is a part of every successful organization and is a necessary component of growth and innovation.

Yet, so many leaders struggle with knowing how to contend with the barriers to change and report feeling unequipped to handle the wake of feelings that result from change such as burn-out, resentment, confusion, and mistrust.

Simply put, our leaders are missing the necessary skills to guide themselves and their team through transition, leaving them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed right alongside their employees.

Are Your Leaders Change Ready? 

Do they understand their role in communicating the need for change?  Are they believable?

Do they connect the need for change to the desire of people to change?  Are they influencers?

Do they understand that all change happens on an individual level?  Are they equipped with understanding how to use various change and transition management models such as ADKAR or Bridges?

Do they engage in understanding or avoid conflict?  Are they able to engage in two-way dialogue with the intent of understanding and overcoming barriers to change?

Competitive Solutions Inc. can help equip your leaders with the skills to manage change and transitions. Contact us at for more information on our Transition and Change Management course.

Altruistic Leadership

To all those altruistic leaders out there putting the well-being of others above your own, we thank you!

It is often in times of crisis where we see the best of the human spirit shine through, lending a helping hand, displaying empathy for loss, or offering a friendly smile that offers reassurance or joy. 

Over the past few months, I have observed the selfless service demonstrated from first responders, nurses, doctors, and scientists who are on the front-line of defense where uncertainty abounds.  I have seen the resiliency of small business owners trying to figure out how to serve their customers, community and employees.  I have watched federal, state, and local government attempt to meet our most basic physiological and safety needs through public policy.  I have experienced first-hand the challenges of virtual education and the amazing job our educators do in caring for the whole child.  And I have benefited every day from all of you who show up at essential jobs to ensure we have enough food and supplies to continue with life and maintain a sense of normalcy.  Showing up, getting in the arena and serving selflessly are the hallmarks of a true leader.  I am inspired by the level of altruistic leadership on display as I see individuals around the world embracing their calling and living their purpose; to heal, to help, to teach, to comfort, to feed, to provide, to protect, to entertain, to serve. 

We see you.  We thank you.   

We recognize your sacrifice and appreciate your decision to embrace your calling and serve. 

Leadership thought for today….

Have you discovered your calling(purpose)? 

How might you demonstrate altruistic leadership in your community and organization?

Patricia Crabtree Votino, Director of Leadership Development, Competitive Solutions, Inc

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