Getting to Know Generation Z: Generation Z and The Internet

Getting to Know Generation Z [Series]

Part 7: Generation Z and The Internet

Research described in the book, Generation Z Goes to College by Corey Seemiller portrays Generation Z

As seeing the internet as a tool to socialize and also gain information that they can apply to real life.  In college, Seemiller describes Generation Z as, “liking their learning to be practical and hands-on and want their professors to help them engage with and apply the content rather than simply share what they could otherwise find on their own online.”  

In the work environment, this preference can be best coupled with the rise in organizational communities of practice where individuals form specialized groups with the goal of gaining knowledge in a specific field/topic.  Although sometimes virtual in nature and often seen as just an on-line resource, the intent of these groups are not meant to be a passive place to find information, but rather as an active source for one to share ideas, gain knowledge and to contribute and collaborate with others in a specific field or topic.  This ideal application of communities of practice enables the community to help expand learning through immediate applied application of learning and feedback. 

Does your organization currently have any Communities of Practice?  If so, are they passive information repositories or active learning environments? 

How comfortable are you with using video to convey a message to others?

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Getting to Know Generation Z: On Camera Presence

Getting to Know Generation Z [Series]

Part 6: On Camera Presence

Having been photographed and recorded all their lives, Generation Z is no stranger to the power that one’s personal presence can have on influencing others.  From the time members of this generation were born, their parents were posting photographs and videos of them on-line and sharing their every move with others.  Recording and playing back these interactions has only served to enhance their on-camera presence and speaking skills as this generation, more than any other has lived under the scrutiny of a camera and in the world of “likes”.  This generation has also tried to redefine social media into a more personal medium with their use of Snapchat and Instagram over Facebook.   Generation Z knows how to look into the camera and make the audience feel as if they are speaking just to them, a skill that many of us are just learning that Generation Z has been practicing all their life.  As they enter into the workforce, they will be the first to volunteer to make an informational video or communicate via a video message to the workforce.  Capitalize on this natural tendency early on and help them refine their skills and develop them even more. 

How comfortable are you with using video to convey a message to others?

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