Are Your Leaders Change Ready?

Whether the implementation of a strategic initiative or a reaction/response to an event at the team/individual level, change is inevitable, it is a part of every successful organization and is a necessary component of growth and innovation.

Yet, so many leaders struggle with knowing how to contend with the barriers to change and report feeling unequipped to handle the wake of feelings that result from change such as burn-out, resentment, confusion, and mistrust.

Simply put, our leaders are missing the necessary skills to guide themselves and their team through transition, leaving them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed right alongside their employees.

Are Your Leaders Change Ready? 

Do they understand their role in communicating the need for change?  Are they believable?

Do they connect the need for change to the desire of people to change?  Are they influencers?

Do they understand that all change happens on an individual level?  Are they equipped with understanding how to use various change and transition management models such as ADKAR or Bridges?

Do they engage in understanding or avoid conflict?  Are they able to engage in two-way dialogue with the intent of understanding and overcoming barriers to change?

Competitive Solutions Inc. can help equip your leaders with the skills to manage change and transitions. Contact us at for more information on our Transition and Change Management course.

The Beauty of Change

It is in times like these that I am reminded of the definition of change; to make or become different.  And I think that sounds beautiful, inspiring and even exciting! 

The reality is, as exciting and beautiful as a change can be, it can also be hard, disruptive and unwanted.  To make or become different requires an ending to what is today, a new beginning for tomorrow, and a transition process for what is to become. 

Tips on transition management.

  • Identify what you can control and focus on that
  • Feel your emotions
  • Engage in a visioning activity for the future
  • Seek information and engage in intentional communication
  • Experiment with new ways of working, thinking and connecting
  • Learn something new
  • Embrace the power of positivity
  • Take one action every day in support of your new beginning

What is one thing that would you like to change in your life? 

How are you transitioning through change? 

We would love to hear you have embraced these tips within your work and life as you create something different.

Everybody has the capacity for change, it is the journey of the transition that is the struggle.

Patricia Crabtree Votino, Director of Leadership Development, Coaching and Consulting Services at Competitive Solutions, Inc.


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