Webinar | Effective Meeting Strategies: Achieving 2023 Business Goals

Ready for a webinar that shows you how to spend less time in meetings? Join Seth Davies, Executive Vice President, Competitive Solutions Inc. on Thursday January 26th at 11am EST for “Effective Meeting Strategies: Achieving 2023 Business Goals”

Stop wasting time in unproductive meetings. Instead, focus on action-oriented, outcome-driven meetings that drive your business forward.

  • Master the blueprint for successful meetings
  • Learn 4 essential processes for optimal productivity
  • Identify and eliminate non-value-adding meetings
  • Implement a meeting evaluation system for continuous improvement
  • Establish an accountability system to track meeting outcomes and results



Webinar: Winning the War for Talent by Creating a High Functioning Culture

Join Shane Yount on June 7th at 11am EST for a free Webinar. RSVP here!

Winning the War for Talent by Creating a High Functioning Culture

Unprecedented change and challenges are facing organizations across all industries. “Red Cape-Heroic” leadership can be necessary in managing a crisis, but it cannot become the perpetuating force driving the organization. Many organizations have people coming back to work after being virtual or hybrid for two years. Now is the time to “LEAN INTO” the non-negotiable systems and processes required to move from a position of Defense to Offense both organizationally and from a leadership execution standpoint.

  • Reigniting your teams that are hybrid, virtual or in-person with non-negotiable systems for engagement
  • Build performance metrics that drive business focus, urgency, and accountability
  • Create an accountable and engaged culture that is measurable and demonstrative
  • Learn the four non-negotiable processes for a robust Manufacturing Management System
  • Create a communication cadence that informs at all levels and tiers
  • Discover a Digital Management System that moves your data from visualization to utilization

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Webinar: Dispelling Common Myths about Scorecards

Join Seth Davies for a free 30-minute webinar on March 24th at 11am EST, “Dispelling Common Myths about Scorecards”

Which of these is preventing you and your team from the benefits of scorecards?

  1. Too many metrics on the scorecard or not the right metrics
  2. People are not talking about the metrics on the scorecard
  3. Scorecards are not connected to the strategy
  4. We have the wrong metrics on the scorecard

Using scorecards can be difficult, frustrating, and ultimately a waste of time without the proper knowledge and proper systems. There are many myths about building, creating, and using scorecards. A good example is thinking that red is bad on a scorecard.

This free 30-minute webinar will share some of the common mistakes people make and dispel some myths around scorecards. If you are going to take the time to build scorecards and measure performance, you and your organization need to see the benefit and payoff.


Webinar: Simple Strategies for Creating an Engaged and Accountable Team

Join Seth Davies for a 30 minute, free webinar on Thursday, January 27th at 11am EST

Simple Strategies for Creating an Engaged and Accountable Team

Leaders must manage by process not by personality to have a true high performing work team.  Establishing non-negotiable processes to align and link everyone on the team provides the foundation for leaders to manage less and accomplish more.

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn simple strategies and tools to immediately begin utilizing in your organization.


  • Make Accountability visible and personal
  • Lead an effective meeting to move the business forward
  • Create a culture of Engagement
  • Forum for Feedback and Recognition

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Webinar: Using Data for a Strategic Advantage in Three Easy Steps

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, December 9th at 11am EST for a free webinar, “Using Data for a Strategic Advantage in Three Easy Steps”

Every organization has data.   The challenge is using their metrics/KPI’s for a strategic advantage.

What if employees were engaged and accountable for business performance?

What if continuous improvement discussions happened at the right level in your organization.

This 30-minute webinar will share three practical strategies which can be utilized immediately.

Participants will learn:

  • How to link accountability to metric performance
  • How to establish a communication cascade about the business
  • How to create engagement and ownership in KPI’s/metrics at the right level

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Webinar: Building Meaningful Metrics for a Successful 2022

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It’s time to plan for 2022!! Join Seth Davies for a webinar on October 28th at 11am and set your organization up for success!

Building Meaningful Metrics for a Successful 2022

Scorecards are the performance management tool to utilize when measuring goals with results. A meaningful scorecard allows management to implement its strategy by aligning performance with goals. Similar to school report card, the scorecard measures periodic results (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) against predetermined goals, allowing users to gauge how their performance stacks up against expectations.   The true value of a scorecard process is linking a corrective action to an underperforming metric.

Learning Objectives of the Webinar:

  • Understand how Scorecards Implement Strategy
  • Developing the Right Metrics at the Right Level of the Organization
  • Link Scorecards to a Corrective Action Process to drive Continuous Improvement
  • Creating a Communication Cadence for Critical Conversations about Performance

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Webinar: Using Your Data for a Competitive & Strategic Advantage

Join Seth Davies, SVP of Competitive Solutions, for a free webinar on May 13th at 11am EST.

Does your organization have data? Of course, it does! The issue lies in what we DO with our data.

So much money and time are wasted compiling data to be posted on bulletin boards or sent by email. However, the majority of people don’t look at it or have a clue what it means.

In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn how your employees can understand the data and take action on it.  Seth will show you how to lay the foundation by establishing a business scorecard process that will give your organization a competitive advantage. Do you want to start using your data to create a culture of continuous improvement?

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Key Outcomes of the session include:

  • Leaders thinking strategically, employees executing tactically on data
  • Transitioning from passive data reporting to a culture of actively positioned metrics
  • Common myths about metrics and scorecards
  • Understanding Accountability and Linkage to metric performance
  • Establishment of a communication process to facilitate meaningful discussions about KPI/metric performance

Webinar: Working from Home? Learn How to Run Engaging, Productive Remote Meetings

Join us for a free webinar, “Working from Home? Learn How to Run Engaging, Productive Remote Meetings”on June 17th, 2020 at 11am EST led by Seth Davies, Senior Vice President, Competitive Solutions, Inc.

The pandemic has changed the way people work and interact with others.   Employees are working from home, collaboration and communication are compromised.   Zoom or online meetings while good for checking in, are not necessarily focused on moving the business forward.  How do leaders continue to engage their employees, hold them accountable and drive better business results?

In this 30 minute webinar attendees will learn how to facilitate an effective business focused, web meeting using an online business management system.  Outcomes of the online meeting are enhanced communication, increased engagement and accountability, and ultimately driving better business results.

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Business Bootcamp Webinar | December 7th

Business Bootcamp Webinar:

How Successful Organizations are Increasing  Engagement, Execution, and Earnings

December 7th at 2:00pm EST (60 minutes)

Participate in a leadership forum to learn how to drive employee engagement, redefine organizational accountability, and deliver bottom-line business results.

Without non-negotiable systems, organizational leaders will never be able to truly “Transform the Business.”  The ability to collectively harmonize often disparate functions and colleagues into a cohesive team tasked with driving and sustaining clarity of communication, connectivity and ownership of the metrics, and consistency of the daily rhythm of execution is no longer optional.  This session will challenge attendees to examine their current operating system and team functionality, while providing proven and practical solutions for improvement:

  •     ALIGN your organization with shared direction, engagement, and commitment
  •     IDENTIFY practical and effective methods to connect a multigenerational and multicultural workforce
  •     USE the right metrics and GET RID of the wrong ones
  •     SPEND less time in meetings and more time running the business
  •     LEARN proven accountability strategies and how to make them effective and sustainable

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