What Top Business Books on Organizational Transformation Aren't Telling You

 Why Your Business Books Are Failing You

We tend to over-complicate things in business, and when it comes to defining what successful business transformation looks like, we reallyreally, over-complicate it. Much of what constitutes organizational success comes down to common sense, but unfortunately, it’s not always common practice.

All the books will tell you a long-winded version of the same message: discover the keys, take the right steps, figure out the dysfunctions, embrace the challenge, ascend the levels, look within organization, look outside organization, develop the right habits, know the rules, break the rules.

Transformation shouldn’t be that complicated. If you’re looking for sustainable business success, it can be as simple as focusing on these 3 key things:

Measure, Act, Communicate:

  1. Getting the Right Metrics at the Right Levels

    • Too often we have metrics that people can’t control at their level. To make metrics meaningful the owners must be able to directly impact metric performance. Successful organizations break strategic metrics into key tactical components at each level and department of the organization. 
  2. Holding People Accountable for Metric Performance

    • Once appropriate metrics are defined and owners can impact and control them then they set up a non-negotiable accountability system. This system should be able to handle short-term – today’s work today – actions and more long term strategic actions that focus on recurring problem resolution. Accountability systems are a key part of standard work but one that many organizations struggle with.
  3. Structured and Business Focused Communication

    • Eliminate non-value meetings and focus on those meetings that drive the 2 components above and tie the entire system together. Every meeting should be metric and action focused with a standard format across the entire organization. 

The keys to a successful transformation are that simple. The next step is deploying them.

Want to learn more about total organizational transformation? Put down your book! If you want to tour a facility to see what the execution of these strategies looks like, and visualize what you can achieve in less than a year:


Make your program succeed with proven strategies to generate momentum and sustain long term change

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