Waste Identification Leads to Increased Operational Effectiveness

Waste Identification Leads to Increased Operational Effectiveness

What is waste in an operational environment in the first place? Driving a culture of waste elimination you must first know how to properly know if waste is present within your operational environment.  I am sure you have all heard “well we always have done it this way”.  While all along, the way it has been done for years produced the most amount of waste.  Let’s explore how you could identify waste using the 8 common areas of waste identification.  The end state, is to operate within an environment of zero waste maximizing your overall operational efficiency.

Over Production – Producing more than the customer or next operation can consume

Inventory – Material sitting anywhere within the value stream is non value added

Waiting – Down time within the process where value added activity has stopped

Motion – Any physical movement in excess when performing an operation is non-value added

Transportation – Movement of product or material between or among operations

Excessive Processing – Additional run time

Defects – Any process, or service that fails to meet specifications creating rework

Non-Utilized Human Potential – Underutilization of human capital in experience, capability and un tapped potential

It sounds complicated to identify waste, however once you understand what to look for it is much easier to eliminate it.  Once you have identified an area of opportunity creating waste, look for simplistic process changes that can reduce the waste.

Utilize frontline leaders, as well as workforce employees to eliminate waste as it is often creating a pain point and many times they already have the solution, they just never have never have been asked or given permission to make change.

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