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  1. Confessions of an UnManager
  2. Buried Alive! Digging Out of a Management Dumpster
  3. Leaving Your Leadership Legacy
  4. Leading Your Business Forward: Aligning Goals | People | Systems
All of which share the knowledge and experience of Process Based Leadership® that CSI has gained through its years of service with the world’s most powerful organizations. Details on 3 and links to purchase them on Amazon are below.

Over the past decade, business leaders have been given a number of different road maps to success, all of which promised viable how-to solutions for business growth. They were very good maps, yet, with few exceptions, they did not guide us to a sustainable level of success.

What’s missing? A true GPS for leaders.

Utilizing the five simple steps associated with your car’s GPS system, this guide shows executives how to manage expectations and measure employee engagement and accountability while boosting productivity. Having brought their critical insight and innovation to bear at firms like Michelin Tire, Harley-Davidson, Learjet, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NovaChem, DuPont, Boar’s Head, Kroger, Revlon, Pfizer, Genentech, and Merck, the authors now present the ultimate resource for leaders.

Learn How To:

  • Establish Key Benchmark Indicators
  • Design Leadership “Parameters”
  • Set Destination Goals
  • Track Company Progress and Incorporate Accountability
  • Define Behavioral Expectations Among Staff
  • Implement Business-Focused Scorecards to Educate, Facilitate, and Motivate


Timeless or Temporary – What will your leadership legacy be?

All too soon the day will come when you will leave your current leadership position – be it to move up, to move on, or even one day, to retire. Have you given any thought to what your leadership legacy will be? Will the organization you leave behind be able to prosper without you? Have you created a culture where visible and auditable systems drive clarity, connectivity, and consistency throughout the organization? Have your behaviors inspired others to grow, to develop, and to excel into the next generation of leaders? Have you elevated expectations of engagement, creating a culture of collective accountability? Or, have you fallen into the trap thousands of leaders today have fallen into – achieving performance through proximity, persuasion and position? This, in essence, is managing by personality and is demonstrated by a key factor required for achieving performance – you. For things to happen right, you have to be there. Your physical presence is required. Are you such a leader? A leader who has mastered selective engagement? A leader who has learned to be extremely persuasive in order to convince individuals to be engaged? A leader whose presence gives workers confidence, but whose absence causes the team’s confidence to diminish?

There is hope…

This book makes clear the qualities and, perhaps more important, the systems required for leaders at all levels to leave a leadership legacy. Cultivate these qualities as you put into place the sustainable performance systems explained herein and you will leave a legacy you can be proud of.


Buried Alive! Digging Out of a Management Dumpster

Many in positions of leadership feel overwhelmed because it used to be they told subordinates what to do and their subordinates did it. Not so today. Leaders are no longer managers or directors, they’re considered to be coaches. Unfortunately, under this new philosophy, many on the team simply don’t pull their weight–unless the team leader knows and uses the techniques shared in this book. Steps are given that when taken will form a process leaders can use to spread out the work evenly, and create a situation where everyone does a fair share. Called PROCESS BASED LEADERSHIP, this is a no nonsense way to organize and conduct business anyone can put in place to create shared responsibility throughout the organization that will in inevitably lead to getting the job done quickly and getting it done right.


Confessions of an UnManager: Ten Steps to Jump Start Company Performance by Getting Others to Accept Accountability

This book reveals techniques that resulted in an increase in revenue of 120 percent at a business unit of Nortel. It states and explains ten basic principles of “UnManagement” which are made vivid and clear through entertaining, practical examples, and real life anecdotes. The authors share these lessons in the form of a novel that follows the experiences of a new general manager, Trisha Morris, upon her arrival at the FineFax manufacturing plant. It is an engaging and enlightening look at how corporate culture must change in order to meet the challenges of an ever more lean, yet complex world of business.


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