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Solutions are only "solutions" if they work.

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Team Engagement Team Engagement

Team Engagement

Can you imagine a workplace with engaged and connected team members working to drive accountability and results?

Leadership Development Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Do you struggle with how to develop and retain your leaders and high potential employees?

Operational Excellence Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Have you ever had a great idea for improvement that failed in execution, implementation, or sustainment?

Business Performance Software Business Performance Software

Business Performance Software

Do you have too much data and no way to track how actions are influencing results?

Results are meaningless unless they are successful results.

At Competitive Solutions®, we identify not only where the problem is, but how to resolve issues and create the groundwork for success. Our process-driven solutions create stability in areas that are working and answers on how to modify the things that aren’t. Our specialty is developing steady and consistent actions that bring about positive change for your organization.


Getting to Know Generation Z: Understands that Systems are Broken

  Getting to Know Generation Z [Series] Part 9: Understands that Systems are Broken It has been said, that Generation Z understands that systems are broken.  In their lifetime, they have watched the collapse and fall of financial systems, political systems, and community systems.  Regardless of the location of and scale…...

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Getting to Know Generation Z: Preference Toward Being Conservative About Money

Getting to Know Generation Z [Series] Part 8: Preference Toward Being Conservative and Pragmatic About Money Growing up during the Great Recession, Generation Z has a tendency toward conservative and pragmatic attitudes about money.  Many of these individuals experienced the impact that the fall in the banking, housing, and automotive industries had…...

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Getting to Know Generation Z: Generation Z and The Internet

Getting to Know Generation Z [Series] Part 7: Generation Z and The Internet Research described in the book, Generation Z Goes to College by Corey Seemiller portrays Generation Z As seeing the internet as a tool to socialize and also gain information that they can apply to real life.  In college,…...

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