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Scorecard examples is a collection of industry best practice scorecard templates that include the most relevant KPIs and Metrics available today!

What is a Business Scorecard?

A scorecard is a management tool used to measure overall performance and aid leaders with strategic planning. With defined focus areas and specific performance metrics, leaders are more easily able to know how well the business is running.

What steps are necessary to build effective scorecards?


  1. Focus Areas. Establish a common format the organization needs to connect directly with the overall mission.
  2. Appropriate Goals. With each focus area having between one and three performance metrics, work groups are able to directly contribute to the achievement of the organization’s mission.
  3. Color Coded. Helps the organization focus efforts on areas of opportunity and a quick visual indicator to answer the question “are we winning or are we losing’.
  4. Ownership. By assigning employees with the task of updating metrics, you foster an environment of ownership in the business and create a more engaged culture.
  5. Routine Review. With an established frequency for reviewing performance, work groups can be sure their efforts are focused and timely.


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