Process Based Leadership

Process Based Leadership®

You Can Only Expect Behavior to Exceed Expectations When Accountability Is Owned

With our Process Based Leadership® model, increase accountability throughout your organization, encourage open communication, and generate a culture of trust and success through identifying internal elements that directly impact your success. This business methodology promotes consistency so that areas of excellence can be duplicated, pinpointed, and resolve problems so that mistakes are never repeated. We have over 30 years of experience categorizing areas of improvement, forming a plan for change, and providing direction. Transforming your business begins with recognizing what processes need to change.

What is a Business Transformation?

At Competitive Solutions® we have defined transformation for over 25 years as a series of simple and sustainable processes that create a new culture focused on the business. Recently, The Harvard Business Review stated “corporate leaders we have interviewed-current and former CEOs who have successfully led major transformations-say that culture isn’t something you “fix.” Rather, in their experience, cultural change is what you get after you’ve put new processes or structures in place to tackle tough business challenges… The culture evolves as you do that important work.”

We agree!  Using four business process CSI will transform your organization by creating a culture focused on Business Metrics, Accountability, Communication and Employee Engagement.

What challenges do companies face in implementing business transformation?

Most companies understand that implementing lasting, positive, and integrated change to its business functions can be the answer to gaining a competitive advantage. However, many companies fail to recognize when transformation is needed within their organization.

How can I start transforming my business today?

Process Based Leadership® provides a practical, back-to-basics solution to solve these issues.

Our methodology using these 4 key process brings clarity to your company’s performance and initiates positive transformation.

Business Scorecard Process
It's not about the data. It’s about results.

With a Business Scorecard, staff and leaders have the full picture of what needs to improve, where they are succeeding, and how their organization is improving on a day-to-day basis.

Accountability Process
We give responsibility visibility.

With accountability now organized and visible, the responsibility for your business becomes discernable; therefore, driving structure, behaviors, and changes.

Communication Process
Have interactions that mean something.

Now that you have data, does everyone know what to do? Communication should be results driven and focused, not ineffective or time-wasting.

Behavioral Transformation Process
Strategic values lead to tactical behaviors.

Nothing will improve if the people in your company don’t have direction. Our roadmap delivers the tools necessary to implement critical changes.

Simple and sustainable transformation, one team at a time…

Are you ready for direction?

It is natural to avoid change, even when it may be necessary. There may be small signs along the way that you need to make adjustments, but no one does anything about it. Those small signs are actually a big sign that something in your business needs to change. With over 30 years in leadership training and consulting, Competitive Solutions can help you identify what needs to transform and assist you in implementing lasting and positive adjustments. These modifications will make a lasting shift in your company that will provide a significant competitive advantage for years to come.

Stop wondering if you’re winning or losing.

It’s time to know you’re winning.

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